Peach Lip Mask Jar

Pamper your lips to perfection with Kocostar peach lip mask!

Hydrating | Brightening | Anti Wrinkle | Hypoallergenic


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The skin on your lips is delicate and sensitive, so we must always use a hypoallergenic lip product!
Lips dry out fast due to thin dermal layer, so we must avoid harsh exfoliation and keep them hydrated!
Lips develop wrinkle easily because they don’t have sweat or sebaceous glands. We must supply both moisture and oil to protect soft and firm texture.


1. This peach lip mask boosts moisture and remains cool and moist!
Sheet masks dry out fast and sometimes even take back moisture from your skin. Hydrogel are exactly the opposite!

2. It closely adheres to the lips!
Hydrogel minimises air exposure for effective delivery of nutrients. It doesn’t fall even if you move around!

3. It responds to skin temperature!
Hydrogel releases moisture and nutrients when touching a warm surface – in this case, into your lips!

How to use:

1. Cleanse, tone and exfoliate the skin, preferably with the Kocostar peach and walnut lip scrub.
2. Apply lip mask and relax for 20 minutes.
3. It will soften flaky skin, boost moisture, and deliver nutrients.
4. Remove and discard of the patch, gently tap in any remaining essence and lock the moisture in with Kocostar peach lip oil or lip balm of your choice.

*use any one or more of the Kocostar head to toe treatments for a truly immersive spa treatment at home. You will simply love the results you have been able to achieve in such a small amount of time – no expensive salon needed!

Alcohol free

Paraben free


Cruelty free

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