Lemon Bright PHA Gauze Peeling Pads

A Brightening Gauze Peeling Pad

A gauze peeling pad that exfoliates and cleans out impurities while nourishing the skin, improving skin texture, skin tone, skin radiance and acne.

Brightening | Exfoliating


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A gauze peeling pad that exfoliates and cleans out impurities while it nourishes the skin. The Gauze Peeling Pads have a patented 3-layer pure cotton pad that helps wipe away dead skin cells and brings out the best in the skin.

Formulated with 4 types of non-irritating peeling ingredients including PHA to help remove dead skin cells as well as improve skin texture, skin tone, skin radiance & acne.


Clean Beauty: Brightening | Exfoliating

• Lemon – Vitamin C helps revitalize, brighten the skin and boost radiance with glow peeling.

• Glutathione – An antioxidant that helps achieve a brighter skin tone, while reducing the appearance of dark spots, blemishes and acne scars.

• PHA, AHA, BHA, LHA – 4 peeling ingredients to care for skin texture, skin tone, skin glow, and skin calming at once!

• 15 Multi-Vita types – Niacinamide, Panthenol, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Ascorbic Acid, Biotin, Ubiquinone, Cyanocobalamin, Pyridoxine, Sodium Ascorbate, Riboflavin, Inositol, Tocopherol, Beta-Carotene, Thiamine HCl, Folic Acid

How to use:

Insert your finger between gauze peeling pad side and embossing side. *Use 1 pcs for a day.*

1. Gently swipe the pure cotton thread pad across the skin.
2. Carefully swipe in areas with dead skin cells.
3. Use the embossed side of the pad to gently refine the skin.

*A no-wash exfoliator*

Cruelty free

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