Foot Peeling Pack

Easily remove dead skin, soften calluses, and moisturise dry cracked feet.

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Kocostar’s Korean foot peel mask starts working from the moment you insert your feet into the mask “booties”. Watch as the dead skin sheds on its own with no scrubbing or pumice stone needed; painless and hassle-free.

Effective long lasting results for super smooth clean feet – using the Kocostar foot mask for dry cracked feet is not only for healing damaged skin, it also nourishes your skin so you’ll enjoy super soft feet for over a month after each treatment. Normally takes effect 3 to 5 days after treatment. Dead skin will peel and fall off naturally with no rubbing or scrubbing necessary.

The essential Korean foot peeling mask kit for spas, salons, and home – get your feet feeling and looking gorgeous for a beach day or sandal season. With a simple one-step application, you can enjoy a spa level exfoliating foot peel mask in the comfort of your home.


• Contains 33 botanical extracts to soothe and soften skin – this unique formula contains 33 botanical extracts from citrus, lemon, sugar cane, chamomile, and many other flowers and plants. With AHAs for advanced exfoliation, your cracked tired heels will be left as smooth as baby feet.
• Safe and gentle for most skin types – foot peel masks that remove dead skin are completely safe for most skin types.
• Remove an unsightly callus or patch of dead skin cells, while moisturizing dry skin with a feet peeling mask that’s gentle and effective.

How to use:

*Needed – scissors and pair of slippers.

1. Prepare Foot Peeling Kit, scissors and slippers.
2. Remove any nail polish, nail arts and accessories from your feet.
3. Wipe your feet thoroughly with a towelette.
4. Take out a Foot Peeling Pack.
5. Cut the wrap in the middle as illustrated.
6. Place a bootie on each foot. Make sure to place your feet between the fabric liners.
7. Secure the wraps with sticker tabs.

* Do NOT use the product if you are pregnant.
* If you would like to move around while the mask is on, wear slip-resistant slippers over the product as you may slip.
*If you have a history of skin sensitivity issues please test the product on a small area of skin to make sure that it will not cause irritation.

Alcohol free

Paraben free

Cruelty free

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