Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Pads – Lemon

Soft exfoliating pads

Easy to use, soft exfoliating pads that offer all the benefits of home peeling in one set. These cotton gauze pads provide a dual texture layer to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, excess sebum & impurities and softly wipe away exfoliated skin to even out skin texture. Helps fade acne scars and deliver brightening benefit for more radiant skin.

Exfoliation | Vitality | Smoothing


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Easy to use, soft exfoliating pads that offer all the benefits of home peeling in one set. These pads provide gentle yet effective exfoliation of dead skin cells and impurities and lifting of sagging skin, leaving skin smoother, brighter and tighter.

Soaked in Vitamin C rich serum formulated from various antioxidant and vitamin-rich natural ingredients, these convenient cotton gauze peeling pads will leave your skin smoother, radiant, and brighter than ever.


• Exfoliation
• Vitality
• Smoothing

• Lemon- Rich in vitamin C which helps keep the skin pure and vitalized. It delivers instant energy and calming effect to the tired and dull skin while promoting abundant moisture to the skin that helps resolve dryness in the skin.

• Lemongrass – The leaves and stems of the lemon grass contain an ingredient called central that is also found in lemon peel. It is the herb that promotes vitality with a citrusy fragrance. Lemon grass also helps tighten and reinforce skin elasticity while maintaining clean and refined skin through effective management and removal of impurities and dead skin cells.

How to use:

1. Insert your finger between gauze peeling pad side and embossing side. *Use 1 pcs for a day.*
2. Try with the gauze peeling side first. Wipe softly. Mesh gauze neatly remove the dead skin cells.
3. Try with the embossing side with gently pressure. It removes perfectly the remain waste.

*Wash with lukewarm water.*
*Suggested use: 2-3 times a week, increase the frequency of usage as needed.*

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