Discover Skin Proud’s Serious Shade SPF50+ sun screen

Get to know Skin Proud’s Serious Shade

The new, ultra-lightweight SPF50+ skin serum sun screen.

With a super silky texture and an intensely hydrating formula, this skin-loving product provides broad spectrum protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays and delivers a healthy-looking dewy glow to your skin.

With zero white cast, zero flashback, and zero pilling, this sunscreen is the perfect first step to prep your skin for flawless makeup application or just wear on its own.

Designed to be used daily, as the last step in your morning routine – no matter what the weather.

Squeeze out 2 finger lengths of serum, applying generously and evenly at least 15 minutes before sun exposure, as the last step in your skincare routine. Reapply every 2 hours.

Tip: Apply before makeup as a primer to create the ultimate dewy, glowy finish.

Serious Shade also contains a cocktail of powerful, skin loving ingredients.

Incorporate Serious Shade into your Skin Proud morning routine.

Infused with brightening magnolia extract and anti-oxidant rich peony extract, Velvet Cloud Cleanser gently dissolves everyday impurities and traces of makeup with the sulfate free, light as cloud foam.

Formulated for everyday use, this morning or night. Detox Tonic sloughs away dead skin cells whilst keeping skin hydrated.

Bursting with a powerful 4-part hyaluronic acid complex for results on all levels, this sorbet-like gel delivers goodness on an XXL scale. Ultra-hydrating and lightweight, use this oil-free gel to lock-in moisture for dewy, healthy and glowing skin.

A SPF moisturiser that smoothes wrinkles and brightens dull skin while providing UV protection.

Your SkiN doesn’t need a solution, it needs movement.

No matter your size, colour, gender or shape, Skin Proud is for you.
Together as a community, we can change the way we see skin. Skin Proud champions being proud of the skin you’re in; being proud of your imperfections as well as your perfections. There is beauty in every mole, scar, and spot. That’s why we’ve taken a stance against photoshopping and only show you images of real, happy skin.

Join the Skin Proud movement. be you. be proud.

Proud of the skin you’re in.
Cutting out the confusion, Skin Proud believes in being transparent – easy to use,100 percent vegan products with straight-to-the-point ingredients for skin that is happy to have them! All products are dermatologically tested and select products are clinically tested or assessed by a panel of users to demonstrate their efficacy.

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