3 Easy steps to achieve an effective skincare routine and save time

Too busy for a skincare routine? We’ve got you covered…

Is your life being taken over by your busy schedule? Do you find it difficult to stick to a skincare routine? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a 12-step skincare routine to achieve amazing skin. With countless cleansers, serums, moisturisers, exfoliators, and peels available on the market, it’s understandable if your bathroom sink has become overwhelmed with products.

But maybe it doesn’t have to be that way. Enter the minimalist approach to skin care, which involves cutting the number of products in your routine down to the bare essentials. Some tips to follow to help you stick to an easy beauty routine.

Cleanse when it’s time to brush your teeth

Use this time to also wash your face. Choose a cleanser that will suit your skin type. If you’ve got acne-prone skin, use products that will help prevent it. For dry and itchy skin types, you’ll want to look for something a little more hydrating in your daily routine. And if you’ve got sensitive skin, pick products that won’t irritate it. To get rid of those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, have a look here.

No matter what, always make sure you moisturise

A light cream should work well with normal skin types. People with oily skin types should seek out a light, hydrating moisturiser perhaps with hyaluronic acid, while those with dry or sensitive skin may do better with a thicker emollient base. Those with dry or sensitive skin should look for an ointment or cream, as these are less irritating than lotions.

Going out? Wear sunscreen

You can skip this step if you know you’ll be inside all day. If you intend to go outside, give yourself 20 minutes to apply SPF and give it time to soak in before you leave the house.

This step is essential and ties your routine all together. It is necessary to shield your skin from UV radiation and everyday pollutants. Not only does SPF help protect you from sunburn and skin cancer, but it’ll also help delay premature skin ageing.

Ways to remember to do skincare

As you can see, there are three simple steps that you really need to achieve smooth, vibrant skin. You don’t need a dozen steps to get the same results. If you often forget about your skincare routine simply because you’re too busy, here are a few tips to help you remember.

Keep your products within reach: Create a space in your bathroom for your skincare products so that you always see them. It’s easy to forget if they’re hiding in a cupboard or drawer somewhere.

Integrate your skincare routine with your daily activities: Your skincare routine will develop into one of those automatic habits if you associate it with firmly entrenched behaviours, such as taking a shower, brushing your teeth, brushing your hair or even getting dressed.

Learn to enjoy it: Skincare is a form of self-care that does fabulous things for your mind and obviously your skin. Try to see it as something that boosts your mood and improves your quality of life.

With a million things to do every day, we get why it can be hard to put some time aside for a skincare regimen. But, that said, following a daily skincare routine offers multiple benefits that go beyond better skin.

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