Bare Addiction Skincare

Teen Skincare which actually works
Bare Addiction was born through the desire to create effective, safe and natural based skincare for the problems tweens, teens and twenty-somethings face every day. The market is saturated with Teenage Skincare products that are either filled with harsh and synthetic ingredients or are fully organic and natural which fail to show results. So we decided to find the answer to one question… Can we achieve the best of both world’s, natural yet effective?

Nature & Science = gentle yet effective
Whilst Bare Addiction products are as natural as possible, organic or natural isn’t the main deciding vote on whether to use an ingredient. Instead, we focus on the active ingredients that work against core young skin concerns to create Teenage Skincare that achieve gentle, safe and effective results.

Natural efficacy, backed by experts
Our routine and range have been developed with leading dermatologists and  formulation scientists. Our formulas are multifunctional and target dry, shiny, oily, spot-prone, sensitive, and flaky skin. Our range is suitable for Sensitive, Oily, Acne-prone and combination skin types.

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